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On this page you will find unusual items from international locations. Each is beautiful; many can be put to work.



This is an unusual mask imported from Indonesia. Colors are bright red,
black and gold. Makes a beautiful wall decoration for home or office.

Size: 7"L x 4"W

$ 90.00 plus shipping





Hand-woven rug from Morocco bazaar. Excellent condition. No cuts or tears.
Coarse woolen weave on both sides. Still has worn fringes on one end.
Deep cranberry color.

Size: 100" x 60"

$ 450.00 plus shipping


Small pirana fish from Venezuela. Dried and coated with hard plastic covering. True coloring revealed, teeth visible in mouth.
Measures about 2" to 4".

$ 15.00 each or 2 for $ 25.00 plus shipping



Gaggia Espresso - Imported from Italy Pump Espresso/Cappuccino Machine

Delicious espresso and cappuccino at home or in the office. Each cup is creamy and rich with flavor. Easy-to-use and clean. Turbo frother and powerful swivel steam and hot water arm. Removable reservoir and drip tray for easy cleaning.
25 cup capacity, dimensions 9"x11"x14", weight 15 lbs.

$ 125.00 plus shipping - BEST BUY - COMPARE!




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