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On this page you will find items for any room of your home. Each may be used as described or personalized. All are from 19th century farms.


Authentic copper lamp. Discovered in northern New York farmhouse.
Perfect for small items holder or shelf knick-knack.

$ 40.00 plus shipping


Antique Sad Iron set. Solid cast iron with hardwood handle. Many available as sets or choice of single iron. Can be used as a doorstop, bookend or paperweight. Delightful conversation piece.

$ 75.00 plus shipping





Beautiful 19th century jug from farmhouse. Gray pottery with blue-green
inset marking on bottom, has graceful handle. No cracks. Excellent condition. Measures 9" tall.

$ 85.00 plus shipping







Impressive copper ladle. Handmade in Turkey. Heavy wrought iron handle
measures 22" long, copper scoop is 9" wide.
Tin lined.

$ 120.00 plus shipping






Gaggia Espresso - Imported from Italy Pump Espresso/Cappuccino Machine

Delicious espresso and cappuccino at home or in the office. Each cup is creamy and rich with flavor. Easy-to-use and clean. Turbo frother and powerful swivel steam and hot water arm. Removable reservoir and drip tray for easy cleaning.
25 cup capacity, dimensions 9"x11"x14", weight 15 lbs

$ 125.00 plus shipping - BEST BUY - COMPARE!






Egyptian Samovar, uniquely graceful design.
Copper with brass handle, lid opens on hinge.
Original artifact from western Egypt in the Siwa Oasis region.
Measures 14" high.

$ 140.00 plus shipping





Set of 18 wooden one inch children's blocks (not complete alphabet.)
Each block has 3 different letters, 1 number and 2 pictures. Two letters are colored and the pictures start with the block's letter sounds.





These are great for pre-schoolers learning letter names and sounds.
Lightweight and easy to handle.
Front and back views of the set shown.

$ 20.00 for set of 18 (includes shipping)



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