Tools/Hardware -

On this page you will find authentic tools. Use them in your do-it-yourself workshop or decorate a special workroom.



Antique hand wrought iron hinges; early 1800's.
Would look good in your summer cottage.

$ 80.00 plus shipping



This heavy cast iron seat comes from dairy farm tractor. No cracks or chips.
Original patina, reddish hue from hardened rust. Can be made into bar stool,
inside or outside furniture. Definitely durable.

$ 475.00 plus shipping.



Brass Button Polisher - authentic Civil War period.
7" sides hinged to close on buttons, brass in excellent condition.
Similar to the one seen in Dance With The Wolves.

$ 75.00 plus shipping.


Ruler, wooden with brass hinges. Marked 0"-23" on both sides.
Folds in 6" sections to closed position. Beautiful artifact of 19th century handiwork.

$ 50.00 plus shipping.



Early 20th century ballot box, original slit on lid. Lid opens on back hinges.
Hand-hewn, rough cut pine which has been lightly stained.
Functional, decorative; 12" x 12" x 19".

$ 50.00 plus shipping.




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